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Transitions’ HOME Stewards Society is a select group of individuals who support Transitions by making annual gifts of $1,000 or more. These generous donors are a critical source of support for Transitions Day Center, temporary housing, and Transitional housing programs. Their donations enable Transitions to help transform people from homelessness to self-reliance in order to improve their lives and the Columbia Midlands community.  The homeless recovery programs and services funded through their donations help provide Hope, Opportunity, Motivation and Empowerment (or HOME) to Transitions’ clients and give them the resources they need to become self-reliant citizens in our community. 

What is the impact of a gift of $1,000?

Funds from our HOME Stewards are a vital link in Transitions’ work to “End Midlands Homelessness.”  A donation to Transitions Homelessness Recovery Center is an investment in the future of our local community. As a local non-profit organization and a leader in community collaboration for homeless adults, Transitions is a cost-effective way to make a positive difference in our community today and for the future! A gift of $1,000 provides 1 homeless adult in our community with nearly 2 full months of recovery housing, including 3 meals a day, showers, laundry, case management, and supportive services. 


Thank you to our 2016 HOME Stewards!


                          Col. (R) Kevin & Beth Shwedo
                             Col.(R) Craig & Maria Currey
                                    Dave & Beth Solano
                              Ted and Angela Stambolitis
                                          TE Boone III
                          Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Bell, Jr.
Frank & Connie Singleton, Jr.
Brett & Sara Borton
Mr. and Mrs. J. Mac Bennett
J. Mark & Elizabeth Jones
John & Barbara McArthur
Mr. and Mrs. John Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Chen
Ken & Laurie Walden
Kevin & Sue Marsh
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Brenan
Samuel & Inez Tenenbaum
Selden K. & Dorothy Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore K. Rausch
Timothy & Stacey Hunter
Tom & Judy Turnipseed
August Strasburger
David Pankau
James Lehman
Joseph and Julie McCue
Kenneth W. Baldwin, Jr.
Milton Williams, Jr
Chris & Susan Currey
W Tobin Cassels, III
Jacqueline Erland-Ladwig
Mickey Layden/LCK
Beverly Seier
Harriet McMaster
Jodie Kolkowski
Lloyd & Linda Burdick
Terry Davis
Stan & Elaine Frick
G.A LaMontague
Dr. Bernadette Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Dixon
Charles & Donna Rone
Michael & Rebecca Penland
Scott & Evelyn Middleton
Elizabeth Richardson
Erin McCaskill
Peter & Deans Fawcett
Rick & Deborah Rowe
Terry & Lisa Brown
Francis Family Fund of CCCF
Myrtella Cook
Mr and Mrs John Frick
Mr and Mrs Gayle Averyt
Tracy and Susan Baker
Bill and Ann Robinson
Shirley Knox
Ladd & Laurie Lumpkin
Frank & Sara Brown
Terry Brown
George Cauthen
Mr and Mrs Stephen Francis
Jean Goette
Daniel & Dorothy Lott