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Paul's Story


In June 2014, Paul lost his home, and for the first time in his life he found himself homeless with nowhere to turn. That is when he heard about Transitions. Paul entered our Emergency Program with a part-time job and very little income, but he was determined to succeed. When Paul wasn’t working, he was applying for additional jobs. He was soon offered another part-time position, and he knew that this would be the key to getting back on his feet. Every day, Paul walked 9 miles to his 2 jobs that were located in the Harbison area, then he would walk back to Transitions at night because no busses were available. He was determined to increase his income enough to be able to afford his own place to live and be self-sufficient once again.

 Paul remained at Transitions for about one year, moving from the Emergency Program into our Transitional Housing Program. Even while working 2 jobs, he took responsibility for his assigned duties at Transitions and attended classes to increase his life skills.  In fact, Paul became a role model for other Transitions clients.  He spoke at job skills classes held at our facility, talked about the strategies he used to get employment, and how those strategies helped him secure employment. Paul’s hard work finally paid off when he was able to secure a full-time supervisory job at a major restaurant in the Vista. This meant not only a shorter walking distance, but now Paul had the financial resources to move into his own apartment. 

During his time at Transitions, Paul took advantage of various resources and referrals that were offered to him, including dental assistance, financial tutoring, and housing services. He stayed involved and never quit trying. Now, Paul has returned to Transitions to “give back” by volunteering at our facility. He hopes to use his story to help others achieve success in their lives, and to show how Transitions can help.