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Monarch butterflies represent transcendence perhaps more than any life form on earth because of their transformation from caterpillar to butterfly.

The clients of Transitions, like the butterfly, are learning to live their life in a new way. Many of them thought their life was over when they became homeless, but were able to emerge from Transitions with new wings and a new life.

These are the individuals who financially support Transitions at the Monarch Society ($5,000+) Level for the fiscal year. We are grateful to our Monarch Society Members for their strong commitment to helping our clients take the steps needed to find their way home.

Kenneth Baldwin

David Brett

Delgado Cantave

Wendi and David Cote

Maria and COL(R) Craig Currey

David Pankau and Jennifer Dumont

Dallas and Richard Garbee

Alana and Charles Garnett

Charlene Glidden

Kathy and Kevin Goldsmith

Shirley Knox

Nancy and Richard Layman

Julie and Joseph McCue

Evelyn and G. Scott Middleton

Mona Sahaf

Beth and COL(R) Kevin Shwedo

Teri Todd

Laurie Walden

Ram'on and Nevasha Wideman


Transitions’ HOME Stewards Society is a select group of individuals who support Transitions by making annual gifts of $1,000 or more.

Thank you to our HOME Stewards!

  • Melanie and James Andreen
  • Kenneth Baldwin
  • Robert Barfield
  • Lisa Barrett
  • Jean Blount
  • Leroy Brigham
  • Frank Brown
  • Shannon Bullion
  • Linda and Lloyd Burdick
  • Dorothy and Louie Cason
  • George Cauthen
  • Tom Clements
  • Charlotte and Marion Cobb
  • John Cook
  • Myrtella Cook
  • Wendi and David Cote
  • Danny Crowe
  • Steven Curlee
  • David and Rosalie Currey
  • Philippa and Charles Currey
  • Susan and Chris Currey
  • Sandra Daniel
  • Christopher Daniels
  • Cecil S. Rucker, Cathy A. Grimes, and Melanie G. Davega
  • Terry Davis
  • Robin and John Dean
  • Brent Dees
  • Lynnett and Larry Depasquale
  • Michael DeVita
  • Kelly and Joe Dion
  • Gus Dixon
  • Wendy and Thomas Dougall
  • David Pankau and Jennifer Dumont
  • Allianne and Howard Duvall
  • Lisa and Mike Erland
  • Jacqueline Erland-Ladewig
  • Lauren and Philippe Erramuzpe
  • Travis Faulds
  • Chelsea Ford
  • Elizabeth French

  • Elaine and Stan Frick
  • Harvey Galloway
  • Dallas and Richard Garbee
  • Alana and Charles Garnett
  • Chris Goodman
  • Barbara Gregory
  • Katharine Haimbaugh
  • Julianne and Raymond Hendrix
  • Martin Herbkersman
  • Carroll Heyward
  • Jewell and Robert Hill
  • Debra and John Hoffman
  • Elizabeth and Bill Igleheart
  • Leigh and J. Mark Jones
  • Benjamin Jones
  • Barbara and Michael Kelly
  • Joan Kuhn
  • James Laughlin
  • Mickey Layden
  • Donna and James Lehman
  • Ann and Bob Leichtle
  • Melissa Lenox
  • Ashley and Kevin Lindler
  • Alston Lippert
  • Kim and Vinnie Livoti
  • Laurie and Ladd Lumpkin
  • Patricia and Richard MacDermott
  • Tim Mahoney
  • Sue and Kelvin Marsh
  • Christa Pecce and Robert Mason
  • Jonathan Matthews
  • Barbara and John McArthur
  • Julie and Joseph McCue
  • Bill McDaniels
  • Linda McDonald
  • Tammy and William McElveen
  • Harriet McMaster
  • Tammy and Scott Mickey
  • Kate Swanson and Mr. Hayes Mizell
  • Drs. Martha and Fenwick Nichols
  • Nene Okereke

  • Julie and COL(R). Ed Palekas
  • Adaire Pennington
  • Norvell Pettus
  • Cari Pulliam
  • David Randall
  • Janice and Ted Rausch
  • Pam and Stewart S Rawson
  • Sam Reusser
  • Joye Richards
  • Ann and Bill Robinson
  • Deborah and Richard Rowe
  • Mona Sahaf
  • Garry Schaefer
  • Beverly and Frank Seier
  • Megan Seiner
  • Kathleen Shepherd
  • Jane and Franklin Shuler
  • Beth and COL(R) Kevin Shwedo
  • T. Silvester
  • Kristen and Daniel Silvester
  • Pastor Bradley Smith
  • Lesley Smith
  • Shelby Stone
  • Patricia Stoner
  • Marie and Keith Stover
  • August Strasburger
  • Inez and Samuel Tenenbaum
  • J. Tighe
  • Teri Todd
  • Summer Tourville
  • John Trump
  • Debbie Underwood
  • Kate and Matt Vaadi
  • Crystal and Sean Walker
  • Jenna and Clinton Wallace
  • Tina and Alan Whitehouse
  • Bryan Wilkerson
  • Michelle Willm
  • Cliff Wingard
  • Debbie and Peter Zvejnieks


It doesn’t take a lot to make a big impact at Transitions.

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