Program Overview

Transitions develops specialized programs to help our clients achieve their goals more quickly and efficiently. Our program can take five months or longer, with the final goal being to obtain permanent housing.


For people who have served our country in the armed forces

We have a heart for veterans at Transitions; they have served our country, and we now want to help them find permanent housing. Our partnership with Dorn VA Medical Center is helpful in identifying veterans who could benefit from our services and coordinating our efforts to ensure we are effective in helping to stabilize veterans here until we can move them to their own housing. These men and women have their own case manager to help them on their journey. At Transitions, we offer three four-bed rooms for veterans, including one room exclusively for female veterans experiencing homelessness. The staff has also undergone specialized training in intervention methods to better help us in working with our veteran population.


For people age 62 and older

There are 44,000 Homeless adults in the US over age 65. That number is expected to double over the next 40 years. Since 2011, Transitions has served 235 (78 just last year alone) older adults over age 62. In fact, 100% of our older clients have incomes below the federal poverty line and 50% are unemployed. Health concerns are also higher, but 26% of older adults do not have health insurance when they arrive at Transitions.

In an effort to develop programs that can help this population achieve greater success in transitioning into independent living within our community, Transitions now has the Actively Aging Program. The curriculum focuses on 4 key topics: Health, Finances, Housing and End of Life planning. Classes will focus on community outreach and advocacy. Clinical staff partners with area agencies and programs to ensure that older homeless residents at Transitions have easy access to all the resources they need. The new program also addresses caregiver support services and provides help locating affordable housing options that provide the services and care needed by the elderly population.


For people age 18 through 24

The Transitions Youth Program is designed to link 18-24 year olds with youth-specific case management, programs, and classes, including higher education and job training programs.


1attend weekly meetings with a Youth Case Manager

2weekly Youth Peer Support Classes

3reside in specially assigned Peer Support Youth Housing within Transitions

4participate in community outreach, field trips, community volunteerism, and advocacy efforts

5are able to engage in and attend other youth-specific classes and speakers offered by the community partners with whom Transitions collaborates (including the Explorers Program (Boy Scouts of America), WIOA, Youth Build, Fast Forward, and Hear Their Voices).

A community volunteerism component to the curriculum facilitates engagement in the local community and builds empowerment as the youth learn that even as they struggle to get their lives on track, they can make a positive difference in the lives of others and their community.


Transitions has a program for individuals and families who are homeless or in imminent risk of being homeless. If you are in that situation and are seeking rental assistance help with first month’s rent and/or security deposit, fill out this form to start the screening process to see if you are eligible for services.

Fill out the form here. 


Transitions also has a program for individuals and families who currently have a place to live but have been affected by Covid-19, and as a result, are facing eviction within the next 21 days. Fill out this form to start the screening process to see if you are eligible for services.

Fill out the form here.