Who We Serve

We understand that the journey from homelessness to housing is different for everyone. We have tailored our programs to cater to the specific needs of Young Adults (18-24), Adults, and Aging Adults (64+). Each of these programs embodies our commitment to provide holistic support and resources to individuals at various stages of their lives.

Young Adult Program

Our Young Adult Program goes beyond offering the basics of housing and nutrition to individuals aged 18-24. We understand that many of these young adults are grappling with challenges such as aging out of the foster care system, dealing with educational hurdles, or yearning for family reunification. We provide dedicated support to address these issues, assisting them in securing permanent housing and offering help with family reunification procedures. Through collaborations with educational institutions and community organizations, we also provide educational programs that empower our young adults to build a secure and successful future.

Adult Program

Transitions’ Adult Program is built to address the unique needs of adults who are experiencing homelessness. Beyond providing three daily meals and temporary shelter, we prioritize empowering individuals with skills development opportunities, access to our jobs program, mental health support, and substance abuse programs. Our goal is to not only provide a safe haven but to equip our clients with the resources and support they need to regain control of their lives and transition into permanent housing.

Veterans Program

We hold a special place in our hearts for the brave men and women who have served our country. Recognizing their unique needs and circumstances, we’ve developed a dedicated Veterans Program in partnership with Dorn VA Medical Center. This collaboration enables us to identify veterans who can greatly benefit from our services, and coordinate our efforts to stabilize these courageous individuals until we can transition them into their own homes. We offer specially allocated accommodation for our veterans, with three four-bed rooms, one of which is exclusively for female veterans experiencing homelessness. Each veteran is assigned a dedicated case manager to guide them on their journey towards stability and self-sufficiency. Our staff has undergone specialized training in intervention methods to enhance our support for our veteran population effectively.

Actively Aging Adult Program

Transitions’ Aging Adult Program understands the unique challenges faced by individuals aged 64 and above. In addition to providing essential services like meals and housing, we offer tailored assistance to help our clients navigate the complexities of setting up disability benefits. Recognizing the value and dignity in work, our dedicated team aids in finding suitable employment that aligns with their skills and abilities, regardless of their age.

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