We Help Homeless Men and Women Find Stability, Income, and Permanent Housing

At Transitions, our services are anchored in three foundational pillars: Meals, Housing, and Programs. Each is designed to nurture, shelter, and empower our clients as they journey towards a future of independence and stability.

Meals: Nutritious and Nourishing

Transitions provides three wholesome meals a day, every day of the year, with an average of 575 meals served daily. Our trusted community partner, The Salvation Army, prepares all meals in our commercial-grade kitchen, and dedicated volunteers distribute meals through our COVID-19-safe pass-off window.

We prioritize the nutritional needs of our resident clients. If they are working and cannot be on-site for a meal, we prepare a sack lunch or dinner for them to take along. Non-residents spending the day at Transitions also have access to a mid-day lunch and available snacks throughout the day.

Thanks to our Food Recovery Program and community partners like Whole Foods, Publix, Costco, Fort Jackson, and UofSC Dining, we maintain the cost of a meal at just $2.08 while ensuring that every dish is nutritious. Last fiscal year, Transitions received 153 tons of food through this program, allowing us to offer ample, nourishing meals to our clients.

Emergency Housing

With a capacity of 260 beds, Transitions provides safe, welcoming shelter to individuals facing homelessness. Even in cases where beds are not immediately available, we offer access to all our programs and day center services.

We categorize our beds into three types:

  • Emergency Beds (82 Beds: 51 Male, 31 Female): Accessible for up to 30 days, with on-site services, assistance, and three meals a day.
  • Program Beds (114 beds: 84 male, 30 Female): Available to individuals committed to developing skills for employment and overcoming challenges that might impede self-sufficiency.
  • Extended Program Beds (64 Beds): Designated for specific programs and clients showing exceptional progress in working towards independence and reintegration into the community.

Anyone seeking a bed at Transitions can be referred by staff, outreach workers, or partner agencies. Without a referral, individuals can sign up at our Day Center’s Reception Desk. For more information, please reach out to Services@TransitionsSC.org.

Programs: Empowering Change

Beyond the basic needs of food and shelter, our range of programs offers comprehensive support for different demographics. From youth transitioning out of the foster care system to aging adults in need of assistance with disability benefits, we tailor our services to meet the distinct needs of our diverse clientele. Our programs aim to empower individuals, giving them the tools they need to secure employment, reunite with families, and ultimately transition into stable, permanent housing.

At Transitions, our services do more than just meet immediate needs – they offer a pathway towards a brighter, independent future.