Request for Qualifications for Design/Build Services

Project Description and Scope:

Project Site: Transitions Homeless Center, 2025 Main St, Columbia, SC 29201

Transitions Homeless Center is a private non-profit with a 12-year history of providing services for the homeless in an emergency shelter constructed in 2010.providing services for the homeless in an emergency shelter constructed in 2010. Transitions seeks to update and rehabilitate the property to address deferred maintenance, renovation of certain areas, and cosmetic upgrades.

Transitions is pursuing a qualifications-based selection process to secure the services of an experienced design-build firm to renovate an existing space.

  • The design-builder’s scope of work will include:
  • 1. Pre-construction project planning including assistance in the preparation of a schedule, preliminary cost estimate and value engineering measures.
  • 2. Preparing any necessary site, architectural, structural, mechanical, plumbing or electrical design plans to carry out the renovation.
  • 3. Obtaining all required permits to complete the project, and ensuring that all work is conducted by individuals or companies that are properly licensed, if required.
  • 4. Development and refinement of cost estimates and project schedules.
  • 5. Construction administration and observation including at least weekly site observations and updates to Senior Resources’ project manager.

Background Information:

In 2008, Midlands Housing Alliance, Inc. (MHA) was formed by a community coalition to help end homelessness in the greater Midlands area. After acquiring land at Main and Elmwood in downtown Columbia, MHA began to build the facilities now known as Transitions. On June 15, 2011, Transitions was opened to provide basic shelter and comprehensive services to individuals, 18 and older, in the Greater Midlands area who were homeless. Clients entered the following week, and supportive services began immediately. When it opened, Transitions had 201 beds (137 emergency shelter beds and 64 transitional housing beds).

By June 2012, 59 additional emergency beds had been added, bringing the total number of beds to 260. Transitions’ residential programs have maintained that number of bed units today, with 64 emergency beds, 14 convalescent beds, 114 program beds, and 64 extended program beds. Our residential programs maintain a 99% bed utilization rate. Transitions also operates a Day Center which is open 7 days a week 8:30am-5:00pm to provide an alternative to the street during the day and to allow homeless individuals an opportunity to get services, treatment, and lunch. On average, 70 individuals use the Day Center and its services daily.

Combining all programs, Transitions serves approximately 330 homeless individuals each day. MHA seeks to renovate and modernize the Day Center at Transitions into an area that is functional, safe, and efficient for the public, specifically the homeless, as well as for staff and volunteers. The renovated space will allow the center’s usage to grow as needs increase. MHA expects to work with the design/builder on this project to maximize efficiency, overall quality, and cost savings. Because the center is a vital part of the lives of those who use the center, we seek to minimize the impact on the facility during renovations.

The specific needs of the related to this renovation are:

  • Address punch list of remaining deferred maintenance identified in aproperty inspection.
  • Renovate entryway, reception, hallway and commons areas.
  • Increase building security measures.
  • Update interior signage
  • Update interior lighting.
  • Repair/replace exterior lighting.
  • Repair/replace windows and doors.
  • Repair paint of all walls, and ceilings in the Day Center.
  • Update audio/visual capabilities, including digital displays inside the Day Center.
  • Renovate 2 ADA Showers and 2 normal showers.
  • Renovate 2 public bathrooms in the day center.
  • Replace 2 doors with ADA doors.
  • Update furnishings and equipment in multipurpose rooms.
  • Repair and enhance outdoor walking track/sidewalk.
  • Refresh exterior appearance.

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