Frank’s Story

Frank’s Story

A few months ago, Transitions identified a need for positive role models for many of our homeless clients. After a few calls to one of our regular volunteers, our mentoring program was born.

John C. Crosby once said that mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction. Frank says that he is getting this and a whole lot more through the Transitions Mentoring Program. The path of success can oftentimes be difficult to navigate, but Frank now has a mentor to help him along the way.

Frank says that his mentor helps him see his way through life. He considers the one-on-one time with his mentor to be priceless. They meet once a week to talk about Frank’s goals and plans. Frank explains that his mentor listens and is a helpful guide for all issues in his life.

In just a short time, Frank has already made several positive changes! He has been able to secure a part-time job and is actively looking for stable, full-time employment. He has even been able to get on the waiting list for a vehicle from the Cooperative Ministry. Frank has also been exploring the idea of going back to school! He has an interest in Broadcast Media, and he has been in touch with the Broadcasters Mentoring Group in effort to learn more about the process of working in that profession. His mentor has also been in contact with a television broadcaster to discuss Frank’s aspirations.

Frank’s mentor and his Transitions Case Manager have been in close contact to help him with other areas of need as well. Frank has an appointment with Eau Claire Health Clinic for much needed dental work, and his mentor is helping him find community resources that will help with the co-pay for the procedure. Even though the Transitions Mentoring Program started just a few months ago, the positive impacts will last a lifetime for both Frank and his mentor. Moreover, if you happen to be in a room with them, you would think that they have known each other for years.

Frank is grateful to Transitions for bringing him and his mentor together. When asked about whether he thought other people could benefit from this program, he said he would highly recommend this opportunity to both mentors and mentees alike.

There are several clients that need your help! If you are interested in becoming a mentor to a homeless man or woman, please contact Margaret Deans Fawcett at 803-708-4861 x207. Training will be provided!

The life you change might just be your own!